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Behind on Mortgage – Avoid Foreclosure


Behind on Mortgage Payments?

Are you facing foreclosure because you are behind on your mortgage payments?  Are you receiving nasty letters from the bank or the trustee? If this is happening to you, we understand that this is a very stressful and difficult time for you.  For over a decade, we have helped countless homeowners navigate the rough waters of being behind on payments and facing foreclosure.


You don’t have to lose your house to a foreclosure if you’re behind on mortgage payments.


When facing foreclosure, you have options:

1.  The foreclosure process has started if your account is in the hands of a trustee.  You have some choices at this stage, including reinstating the loan and immediately halting the foreclosure process.   In order to explore this option, you need to call your bank and request a reinstatement fee which will include the payments you have missed including interest and any legal fees.

2.  Another option is to call a Realtor and sell your property before the foreclosure auction takes place.  This is a pretty risky option considering the time and effort it takes to list your house on the market in a traditional manner due to buyer expectations.  Additionally, if you do get an offer on the property, the buyer will need to close before the foreclosure auction and that’s not likely to happen in today’s lending environment where bank loan approvals can take 45-60 days or longer.   Many conventional loans fall through at the last minute, putting you in quite a bind!  There are numerous things that can go wrong with a traditional sale and when you’re facing an auction, you can’t afford to lose any time.

3.  A third (and in our opinion, the BEST!) option is to call Cash 4 Ohio Houses at 937-600-0260 and get an offer in under 24 hours that can close within 7 days!  If needed, we can even reinstate your loan to ensure we don’t risk the foreclosure auction taking the property away before we have a chance to close.  Being able to stop the foreclosure process will not only give you peace of mind but it will have a dramatically good impact on your credit that otherwise could have cost you a 7 year nightmare of not getting approved for other loans, higher insurance costs and even issues when applying for jobs.


If you want more information on how you can stop the foreclosure process and sell your house or if you are ready to start the process immediately, contact us today at 937-600-0260!


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My wife and I had been talking about selling our house for about 4 months and we weren’t sure who to talk to in order to explore our options.  We found Dani Lynn and after she evaluated our house and situation, she talked us through her offer and we decided to move forward.  We were able to recoup a little bit of our equity and move quickly without the hassle of continuous home showings and the house sitting on the market for months and we were able to  buy our new home soon after.  Dani was very helpful throughout the process to help us understand thoroughly every aspect of the transaction.  We are very thankful that we were able to avoid the normal hassles that go along with selling your home when listing it on the market.
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