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Do you have a house in Ohio that you need to sell but it needs repairs?


We commonly talk to sellers who would like to sell their house but they don’t have the time or money to make all the needed repairs. Keeping a property in great condition requires constant maintenance, and when it comes time to sell, it isn’t easy to handle the major overhaul that most buyers will expect of you in order to sell. If your house needs more than just minor repairs, you will need to hire a licensed contractor which can get expensive.  Finding a qualified contractor with a good reputation can take time.  Below is a general guideline of Ohio repair costs.


What does it cost to renovate my Ohio home?


Repair Item Cost      
New Roof $10,000
Updated Kitchen $15,000
Updated Baths (avg. of 3 baths) $15,000
Paint Exterior $10,000
Paint Interior $5,000
New Heating and Air System $10,000
New Carpet and/or Repair/Refinish Hard Wood Floors $7,500
Misc $10,000
Total $82,500


How To Sell A House Fast That Needs Repairs


Over the years we have a built strong team to take care of any repairs that your house could need.  No project scares us!  Contact us TODAY to get the process started and get your cash FAST!


How To Sell A House With Lots Of Junk


Do you have a house that’s full of furniture and belongings that you don’t want?  No problem!  We understand that dealing with a house full of stuff can be stressful and even embarrassing.  It’s nearly impossible to sell a home in this condition on the open market.  One call to Cash 4 Ohio Houses can eliminate the hassles of dealing with all the clutter!  Call us today for an offer in under 24 hours or fill out our fast response form for an as-is cash offer on your home.


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My wife and I had been talking about selling our house for about 4 months and we weren’t sure who to talk to in order to explore our options.  We found Dani Lynn and after she evaluated our house and situation, she talked us through her offer and we decided to move forward.  We were able to recoup a little bit of our equity and move quickly without the hassle of continuous home showings and the house sitting on the market for months and we were able to  buy our new home soon after.  Dani was very helpful throughout the process to help us understand thoroughly every aspect of the transaction.  We are very thankful that we were able to avoid the normal hassles that go along with selling your home when listing it on the market.
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