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For sellers who are dreading the idea of selling your house, we fully understand!  The traditional process of selling a home is both time consuming and costly, but Cash 4 Ohio Houses is here to change that! Our team knows the ‘Insider Secrets’ and can help homeowners sell their home FAST for a Fair Cash Price.  No commissions, no fees, no closing costs and no surprise delays that take months to resolve! Take back YOUR power today by selling your property hassle free!


Meet The Cash 4 Ohio Houses Team

Every step in our process was carefully designed by our company leaders.   The Cash 4 Ohio Houses business model and value system has made us the #1 Home Buying Company across Ohio.  Allow us to introduce you to the people who make it easy for homeowners to sell their Ohio home FAST no matter the condition or the situation!

Steve Maloney, VP of Acquisitions and Renovations

Steve is our VP of acquisitions and renovations while also contributing with his quality assurance inspections at the end of the rehab life cycle. Steve is a licensed home inspector who prides himself with fifteen+ years of home construction and remodeling experience. Steve graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a BS in Education.

He enjoys coaching and playing basketball. He attended Capital University with a full basketball scholarship during his undergraduate education. Steve volunteered as a youth coach for over 10 years with one of his teams making it to Nationals. Steve and his wife, Francheska, have been together over 20 years. They share two children who are the apple of his eye. He has inherited his wife’s Italian culture and enjoys making homemade tomato sauce and wine.

Caitlyn Hummer, Marketing Director

Caitlyn is our Marketing Director. Although she was born and raised in the Miami Valley, she graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 2019.

Caitlyn lives in Ohio with her significant other Cole and their American Bulldog, Ella. In her free time, she enjoys listening to and finding new music, boating, shopping, and golfing.

Darrell Wilkinson, Acquisitions Specialist 

Darrell is one of our Acquisitions Specialist.  He is responsible for purchasing homes and solving challenging situations for homeowners needing to sell their homes fast.  He has been involved in the real estate and real estate finance industry since 2008.

Born and raised in Middletown, Ohio, Darrell graduated from Miami University Middletown with a degree in Applied Business.  Darrell likes to spend his free time assisting in youth sports, watching sports, and busting a move on the dance floor.  Darrell also likes to reminisce with his family at large outdoor family gatherings.

Chiz Tagama, Scheduling Supervisor

Chiz is responsible for making sure that Cash 4 Ohio Houses (C4OH) doesn’t run out of Turnkey leads to send offers to! He calls listing agents and realtors to schedule appointments when the need arises. He’s also one of the vanguards of C4OH, taking inbound and making outbound & follow-up calls. With over a decade of combined experience in customer service, tech support, collections, sales, and real estate virtual assistance, Chiz lets not his guard down, rather firmly believes that perfection is not a destination we can reach, but a never-ending journey we must take.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Chiz grew up to be a pet enthusiast who mostly loves exotic animals like turtles and tortoises. He’s been happily married since 2006 to Coco, a cat-person, who’s also a part of the Cash 4 Ohio Houses Family of companies.

Gilbert Tamayo, Follow-up Specialist

Gilbert is our Virtual Assistant Scheduling Coordinator. He is from Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines. He worked as an Accounting Assistant for two years then finally decided to pursue a career in the BPO Industry and handled Customer Service, Customer Support, and Sales for a Financial Account. Gilbert believes in the Law of Attraction – If you want positive things to happen, always have a positive mindset!

Gilbert loves the outdoors! Whenever he gets a chance he’ll go jogging, play basketball, volleyball, or any contact sport. He also loves watching TV Series and his favorites are Prison Break, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones.


Bernard Laureta, Follow-up Specialist

Bernard is one of our Scheduling Coordinators working as a Virtual Assistant. He was a student assistant to his school’s librarian to support his college tuition and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in
information technology. He has six+ years of BPO experience as a Customer Service Associate and more than one year of real estate investment experience before he joined us. Having an excellent track record from his previous jobs, he is surely a great addition to the team.
Bernard grew up in a big family of six, him being the youngest. Now he decided to live with his parents dedicated to taking care of them in their senior years plus a pair of Great Danes on the side! Bernard is very content with his life right now living and taking care of his mom and dad and having the time of his life!

Reynaldo Jayco Jr, Follow-Up Specialist

Reynaldo or Rey is one of our Follow-Up Specialists. He lives in Baguio City and has been a resident since 2010. He worked in the BPO industry for 8 years in customer service, technical support, financial support, and sales. He had more than 1 year of experience as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.
He loves going to the supermarket to shop for groceries and household items. He also loves to watch tv series, movies, and cartoons as a bonding time with his family. He has 4 goldfish and 16 hamsters.

Flip Robison Co-Founder & CRO and Dani Lynn Robison, Co-Founder & CEO

Flip & Dani Lynn Robison started in real estate in 2008 as Realtors and quickly realized that real estate investing was where they needed to be. They quickly transitioned and over a decade later, they have bought and sold over 1000 properties. Today they serve as the Co-Founders and Chairmen of the Cash 4 Ohio Houses Family of Companies based out of Centerville, Ohio with over 40 team members and still growing. Dani Lynn is also an esteemed Forbes Real Estate Council member with numerous published articles and expert panel features. Together, they are also members of several masterminds and investment groups and partnered with national and international investor organizations. They have also been featured at speaking events around the country and on numerous podcasts.

Fun Facts:
Flip & Dani have an interesting history of both going to college in Florida, both played trumpet professionally at Walt Disney World in Florida and on Carnival Cruise Lines without ever knowing each other. It wasn’t until a hurricane hit and caused both of their cruise ships to dock in Nassau Bahamas that they met for the first time. Although they enjoyed 10+ years of life on cruise ships, they are happy to be land-based now and the proud furry parents to two feisty Bulldogs named Spartacus and Rosie and one Golden Retriever named Bailey.

Tina Howard, Partner, Chief Operations Officer

Tina is responsible for many of our core operational components. With her years of real estate experience, she can work nearly every facet of a real estate deal and brings incredible value to every role she steps into. Tina enjoys working with Cash 4 Ohio Houses because of her passion for helping people achieve their financial goals.

Tina grew up in Newport News, Virginia. She married an active service member and has made several military moves since then, 5 states and counting!  Georgia, Texas, Alaska, Washington, and Alabama.  In her free time, you can find her and hubby outside hiking in the woods or along the water banks!

Tiffany Biddle, Transaction Coordinator 

Tiffany is our Transaction Coordinator. She is in charge of making sure everything is running smoothly and on track for the closing of all deals. She can to our company with real estate experience. She also has past experience as a nanny which really comes in handy when multi-tasking and juggling multiple tasks. Tiffany grew up in Missouri and moved to Ohio in 2010. She and her husband have one daughter and 2 fur babies. 

In her free time, she can be found spending time with her family, reading a new book, or spending time outdoors.



Gary Ileto, Administrative Assistant

Gary is one of our Administrative Assistants; he assists with MLS property screening, reonomy research, farming comps for buyer leads, and more. He is a graduate of Information Technology. Gary worked as a data encoder for a year after he graduated and then he pursued to study as a caregiver.

His hobbies include watching US TV shows and movies with his wife and playing computer games with his kids. Gary also has a Siberian Husky named Jacob after the  Twilight series and a German Shepherd named Hunter.

Cassie Gladden, Associate Accountant, HR Coordinator

Cassie is our Financials Assistant and HR Coordinator, she is in charge of all financial-related tasks and bookkeeping tasks to ensure management has correct numbers for making business decisions. She also is in charge of on-boarding and off-boarding new team members in the HR Coordinator role.

Cassie was born and raised in Ohio, leaving only to serve our country as a United States Marine. Cassie has just recently been married and had 2 beautiful children, Alexis and Colton, and a stepdaughter Emilia. She enjoys fitness, painting, and going to the range.

Carla Ileto, Transaction Coordinator Assistant 

Carla is our Transaction Coordinator Assistant! She assist Tiffany where needed and makes sure nothing goes unseen! She also has 4 years of experience in working as a customer service representative in BPO companies prior to joining Cash 4 Ohio Houses.

Carla and her husband have two boys (Kaizer and Kyle) and a very clingy Siberian Husky named Jacob and a German Shepherd puppy named Hunter. In her spare time, she loves watching movies baking and eating out with her family.

Coco Eggers-Tagama, Marketing & Operations Assistant 

Coco is a Virtual Assistant that assist Caitlyn with Marketing. She researches new social media trends, fresh ideas, and new ideas to implement in the company. She also makes sure no work is left undone and assist with admin tasks. Lastly, she Just finished SEO training that will ensure Cash 4 Ohio Houses will stay on top of search engines.

Fun Facts: Coco is married to our lead intake Chiz. She also is a pet enthusiast that dreams of having their own rescue center for abandoned animals.

Lauren Atienza, Marketing Assistant

Lauren is one of our Marketing Assistants. She graduated from Cedarville University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 2021. Lauren assists with campaigning, marketing materials, and more!

Being from a military family, she has lived in many parts of the country but was most previously from Indiana. Today, she now resides in Ohio full-time.  When she’s not working she enjoys photography, watching Netflix, concerts, and thrift shopping.

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